Thursday, 11 April 2013

Oreo and Peanut Butter Brownies

Please forgive me for not posting.

I have been busy baking and doing other things.

I am confused how other bloggers can manage their time effectively. 

I am unable to figure out how to bake, blog, work (part-time), manage a family and house all at the same time and make time for myself. 

How does this work?  I am taking suggestions and/or advice.

I am always up to try new things.
Except for sky-diving and such.  No way, to that!

My co-worker sent me a post to try this brownie recipe.
I thought I give it a shot.

It was super easy. 
You need 4 things. 
Brownie mix, Oreos, Peanut Butter and Cupcake Liners.
Okay, you also need canola oil and eggs.
That makes 6.

Now you all know, I never make my own creations or recipes.
I get them from other blogs.
But I do, credit them 1st, before I tell you how I made mine.

The blog places peanut butter in two-parts.
I forgot to do this.
You can taste the peanut butter.
This looks really good and I got great reviews from my son.

What I also did, was place an Oreo at the bottom of a cupcake-liner and
pour a huge Tablespoon of the Brownie mixture onto the Oreo.
Then I baked them.
They were quite delicious as well.
I prefered this.

***Note:  I did not do this step, but in order to have your Oreos stay hard
(not to soften during baking), melt butter in a shallow pan, place the Oreos in the butter for 1-minute-each-side.  Then place in the bottom of the cupcake-liner and go from there.

This recipe is quite versatile, therefore you can do whatever you wish.

Let me know what you create.

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