Thursday, 11 April 2013

Blue Ombre Cake

A family friend's daughter was turning 18.
Remember when you turned 18?
Wow, such a time.
Moving out, going to college, new environment. 
BIG changes.

Therefore, I wanted to give her a very different cake.
Just how different did I want to go?
I did come across this website, that has Very Different cakes!
I love it!

I did make the Doughnut Cake for my daughters' birthday last year.
(Doughnuts purchased from Tim Hortons' and assembled by me).
That was a hit.

I couldn't repeat the Doughnut Cake.

The birthday girl's favourite colours are blue and violet.
I chose to make her a blue  ombre cake.
Ombre means:  a layer cake with graded hues of a singular colour.  With matching frosting.

I couldn't decide on the Rose Cake or the Petal Cake design; therefore I made both designs.
Now I was happy.
She was happy too.

The hardest part of this cake?
Getting the colours just right.

Frosting for both cakes was the Wilton 1/2 & 1/2.

I wanted a frosting that would hold the shape of the flowers and still taste great.
I love frosting.
I always ask for the corner piece because I love having cake and frosting.
What can I say? I love sweets.
I am a sweet-person.

Cake 1 was the Blue Ombre Rose Cake.

I used Duncan Hines Classic White cake mix for both cakes.
I followed the directions on the box.
I used one box for one cake and one box for the other cake.  Total of 2-boxes.
**(I should have used two mixes for one cake and another two cake mixes for the other.  Total of 4).

Divided the cake mix in 3-pans and mixed the Sky Blue Wilton Concentrated Gel Colour.
Therefore the cakes had 3-layers.
Bottom Layer had 0-drops.  Plain white batter.
Middle Layer had 4-drops of the Sky-Blue-Gel-Colour.
Top Layer had 7-drops of the Sky-Blue-Gel-Colour.

Baked cake as directed on box.
Once baked, left to cool.

Frosting for Cake 1- Blue Ombre Rose Cake

Bottom Layer of Roses-- plain, white
Middle Layer of Roses-- 4 drops of the Sky-Blue-Gel
Top Layer of Roses--8 drops of the Sky-Blue-Gel

*Used Wilton Tip # 1 M tip.
Made the roses. Very easy.
See the blog for a detailed description.

Cake 2 was the Blue Ombre Petal Cake

Again, divided the cake mix into 3-pans making it 3-layers.
Bottom Layer had 4-drops of the Sky-Blue-Gel-Colour.
Middle Layer had 7-drops of the Sky-Blue-Gel-Colour.
Top Layer had 10-drops of the Sky-Blue-Gel-Colour.

Baked as directed on back of cake mix box.
Left to cool once baked.

Frosting for Cake 2--Blue Ombre Petal Cake

Here I used just 2-colours.
Darker colour--10 drops of Sky-Blue-Gel + 2-drops of Christmas-Red-Gel
Middle colour--7 drops of Sky-Blue-Gel

* Used Wilton # 12 Tip.
This was even easier to do than the Rose Design.
Please see to see her tutorial.

These cakes look fabulous!
You'll have everyone saying...ahhhh!!!

Happy Baking!

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