Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Meringues with Strawberry-Chocolate Ganache

I needed to bake something for our Valentine's Party at work.
I was going to bake cookies but the main ingredient I was unable to find in Canada.  :(
Now, I had to change course, and nothing was coming to mind.

It had to be pink or red (Valentine colours).
I checked Food Gawker and found this post.
However, I was scared.
These were Meringues.
I can't do meringues.  They always flop when I try.  I was doomed.
And they were expecting me to come with something good.
After I saw this post, I couldn't bring anything else.  These were pretty and pink!
Nothing else would do.
Let me try. 


I just want you to know why it is important to read the directions 1st before attempting or baking anything.
Why?  Because then you will know you have to bake them for 2-hours and you can adjust your time accordingly.
The party started at 2pm.
It was 9:30 am, when I got started.
I did not anticipate my husband calling me, telling me, he had forgotten to tell me, I had to meet with someone at 11am. 
His response?  You're busy? 
No, honey, I just shop all day and eat bon-bons.     What do men think we do at home?????
He also didn't tell me at 9:30am, he called to tell me at 10 am.
That was the time when the meringues would be baking in the oven.
What did I do?
I let them bake (with the oven timer, that I was using for the 1st time), went to the appointment, came back in the nick-of-time.
*Very Important*---Read over the recipe 1st.

The Meringues are pretty, sweet, and I got rave reviews. 
(Yes, miracles happen, the meringues worked!)

To tink them pink, I added 3-drops of Wilton 'Christmas Red' Concentrated Gel Icing to the Meringues, at the final stage.

These were time-consuming and easy to make.
I made 14 sandwich cookies.

IF I can do it. 
You can do it!

*The only problem I had (and I am unsure where I went wrong), is I had tiny bubbles coming out from the meringue.
(you can see in the pictures).

Please see her blog for step-by-step instructions, on how to make and bake these pretty in pink sandwich cookies.


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